29 October, 2007

Where do you eat when you travel?

I personally am a cityhopper, so I know there will be enough to eat, because veganism is more known in cities than in Hillbilly Ville.
I don't like to be surprised or hungry, so I ask my fellow vegans who were there before me to give me some good advice.
The vegan community is huge and still growing, so you'll always find someone who went somewhere before you.
There even are sites full of tips for travelling vegans and I must say, I was never disappointed.
In France, I found a cute little B&B that served vegan food to die for, In Paris we found a restaurant that was so good that now we drive to Paris just to eat there!
In Barcelona I had a blast stuffing my face and this weekend I'm going to Amsterdam with a list of 10 restaurants!
When I don't know whether there'll be something to eat on a trip (like on ski-trips) I pack some nuts, some tartex or other spreads and loads of fruit.
You'll always find some bread to make a good Tartex-sammish.
And you can always find some Italian place that serves Penne Arrabiata or something as boring.
Or you can ask for pizza (European pizza's always vegan) without cheese!

So there's nothing to worry about.
The world's packed with food.

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  1. I just got back from two weeks in Italy. I was totally psyched to see that many of the ice cream parlors (gelateria) - of which there are LOTS, ice cream is huge in Italy - sell soy ice cream. Grocery stores carry soy puddings and yogurts and ice cream as well. I really didn't expect it and was totally stoked.