29 October, 2007

What do you eat when you're in a hurry?

If I want a meal I'll throw a veggie burger in the microwave or on the skillet and fry it up with some veggies and put it on some multigrain bread, usually takes less than 5 minutes.

I also have vegan ravioli for when I need, or want to, make something nice in a pinch. That requires putting a pot on to boil, and 8 minutes to cook.

The more expensive option, in the inflated state of Maryland the microwave meals cost $4 from Amy's but they are clearly mark them vegan. Many regular grocery stores in my area carry them now.

If you like obsessively reading labels, there are lots of instant noodles, including cuisines like Thai.

I also have some quick fix vegan cookbooks where everything therein takes a half hour or less to cook, and then you have a homemade wholesome meal.

In terms of snacks, I eat tons of fresh fruit. Your body will love you. I also make a lot of hummus, it is quick to make, and easy to stash in a reused plastic container to bring to work. Salsa also makes a wonderful snack.

I plan out my week in food in advance, and attempt to make something fresh and hot every night, but when I am too tired I have quick vegan treats on hand. I never go hungry.

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  1. In this day and age its tricky to find a time when you're not busy. Preparing your meal with the best of intentions brings you and your diners the most benefit.
    Ifyou don't have time to cook, then even better is to have a raw meal. Vegan food is especially quick and healthy in this regard. You can have your pick of 100s of fruits though I find the tastiest options are eating fresh, local and organic. You then have the option of making a sald. It's possible to make a dressing in advance for a week and then you only need to chop your vegetables and dress them, your good to go. With the addition of sprouted seeds you possibly have the most nutritious dish in the world prepared in next to no time. Ready made soups are an easy option. Prepare en masse, and save some back, let it cool and stick in the fridge.
    Other foods you can prepare in advance are vegan cakes, flapjacks and other snacks. Save them up, if you can ;), to snack on when you need to :)
    Perhaps just as quick but not as portable the other dishes are a bowl of noodles. Your noodles take about 3 minutes to soften up. Get some of that swiss-vegan-organic-stock for a soup base. Stir fry your vegetables. Pour your soup and noodles in your bowl, top with your stir fried vegetables. I manage to do it all in 10 mins :) Its incredibly tasty every time. If you have another 10 mins spare you could prepare some tofu. Dice it up so you have the maximum surface area, and their just thin enoughto hold together. Heat some olive oil for shallow fry, add tofu, add soy or tamari, add five spices - cover. Shake it around or stir gently so your tofu doesn't stick, say every minute. You could add garlic chips in the last 3 minutes. Put to the side then get your stir fry going. Stir frying is awesome cos its actually a gently way of cooking any vegetable, if you buy organic the luxurious textures and flavours remain mostly intact. Organic veggies these days needn't have luxurious prices either. By the time you've read this post you could have eaten it already :D

    I would strongly urge people to stay clear of their microwaves. 1) radiated food release more free radicles in the body and encourages mutation increasing chances of cancer; 2) The intensity to which microwaves cook causes atoms to vibrate so much they break molecule chains greatly reducing the nutritious benefit and the point of eating. 3) the Russians experimented with the use of microwave ovens in tanks, it exposed their soldiers to health risks and left them undernourished, they decided against them. If an organisation as ruthless as the Russian army can decide to kick them out of their tanks, you should strongly consider kicking the microwave oven out of your loving kitchen and home. Microwaves oven are a false economy, you're better off eating it cold.