29 October, 2007

Return to sender : "how can you do this?"

hello all,

PM here again to report the grievous misdirection of a certain question. Commonly posed to newly outed vegans, this question has been asked in many ways, "how do you survive?" "You must be really brave" "how do you live without X?" and many, many more. so i feel that its time the real people this question needs to be addressed to answered it.


Veganism is a lifestyle centered on doing as little harm as possible. Many vegans respect the buddist concept of ahisma, which is essentially living in just such a way that you do the least harm and the most good. even those who don't identify with that will agree that on some level veganism is love, and or respect for life.

carnism/ omnivorism/ non-veganism uses and participates in death and torture for the sake of taste. it involves ruthlessly discarding lives and making sentient beings into objects, just as slavery did to the Africans, just like Hitler did to Jews, just like rapists do to victims. It enforces the false belief that might makes right and encourages violence. someone smarter than me ( like that narrows it down) once said that as long as there are slaughterhouses there will be battlefields. think about it.

Knowing all this, is there any doubt why this message is being returned?

The question is not "how can we care?" the question is "how can you not?"

The question is not "how can we live? the question is "how can you live with yourself?"

We are not "brave" we are humans treating other sentient beings humanely.

rant completed and thanks for your time,
yours upon request,