17 September, 2007

What's all this business about vegansexuals?

Vegansexuals is a term coined by Dr. Annie Potts of the New Zealand Centre for Animal and Human Studies to describe those vegans who are repulsed by the idea of engaging in sexual activity with non-vegans. Since the study that prompted the term hit mainstream presses, all sorts of talking heads have jumped on the bandwagon of stupid. Google "vegansexual" to see what I mean.

Anyway, some vegans do not like being with non-vegans, because of taste, not wanting to kiss someone who has put something in their mouth that you find repulsive, and ethical reasons. People in general tend to be turned off by other people who do things they find morally reprehensible. It only makes sense. For the non-vegans out there, would you be attracted to someone who you found out likes to drown puppies in his/her spare time? It's the same sort of situation; eating meat just happens to be more socially acceptable.

Also, not all vegans are fortunate enough to be with other vegans. Some are married to vegetarians or omnivores, and they find ways to work it out. The media may talk about "vegansexuals" as a new movement or a new tactic for the "vegan movement," but it's garbage. While I'd never have sex with someone who wasn't vegan, I would never call myself something as stupid as vegansexual, nor would I pressure others into breaking up or not having sex if one of them is vegan and the other is not.

To sum up, vegansexual is just another way the media makes veganism look ridiculous.

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  1. Hopefully this post will cleanse the public of their inaccurate perceptions. Thanks for nothing, Dr. Annie Potts.

    For a less bullshit version of that article about vegan dating, read this one that I originally found via TasteBetter.