16 September, 2007

Is (human) breast milk/semen vegan??


Although they are technically animal products, they are given with consent (particularly the latter!) so nobody is being exploited, and it is perfectly ethical for vegans to consume them, or indeed donate them for consumption.

Since the dreadful case of the ridiculously stupid parents of Crown Shakur, a poor baby who died after being fed only soya milk and apple juice, I have heard this question come up rather alot. The carton even stated on it this was not suitable for use as formula for babies. (The same would have applied to cows' milk, but had a baby been fed only cows milk by a negligent parent and died, all this media frenzy would not have happened in the same way.)

Vegan babies should ideally be fed breast milk from a mother eating a nutritionally balanced diet, and there plenty are books on the subject for mothers to do their research, one of the best being Becoming Vegan by Vesanto Melina and Brenda Davis. If for any reason mothers are unable to breastfeed, babies should be fed a proper formula and not soy milk or cows milk for that matter, there are some soya formulas out there, mainly for lactose-intolerant babies.

Onto the semen, and it has been well documented that vegans taste a lot better than omnivores, so many (but by no means all) vegans won't swallow simply because omni's taste nasty- so it's not an issue of ethics so much as one of taste. So gentlemen, best way to increase your chances of receiving oral sex from a vegan partner might be to go vegan yourself! ;)


  1. Why is it that people must drag this question up each and every time veganism is discussed? Are we back in 6th grade? Ya gotta love it. Surely there are other "vegan" questions out there, but none so "squirm-worthy" to the uptight general public, I'm sure.

    That said, I do think semen and human breast milk are both given with equal consent. Vegan men definitely taste better, has anyone asked babies whether vegan Mommy-milk tastes better as well?

    1. just because you are an ugly fat cunt and you don't get fucked, doesnt mean that us pretty people arent sexually active and seeking answers.

  2. Word. I'm sick of hearing "so... do you swallow?" which is why I thought it belonged in FAQ's.

  3. Back before I was vegan I used to do stand-up comedy and I had a joke that wasn't really a joke. It was just asking the audience whether or not they think vegans resent their mothers for breast feeding them.

    Ugh. I know. I'm so ashamed of my former self.

    And I did stand-up in North Dakota, so I had to explain what a vegan was before I did the joke.

  4. Whereas if you did stand-up for vegans, you'd have to explain what a "joke" was.

  5. Good one sid pink :)

  6. This came up among a group of friends. Thank you for the answer. It provided us with a good laugh.

    We have a vegan couple as friends who constantly force the group to listen to their rants and sanctimonious behavior. I have to the tell the vocal half of the couple to cut the crap out, we don't care and the more they push the more we want our steaks bloody.

  7. Excellent! Great article, I already saved it to my favourite,

  8. I never knew vegans were so focused on ethics over nutrition or dietary purity. Makes it sound like dying of old age would put Ol` Bessie back on the menu!

  9. I am a Vegan and I study Anatomy. What I have to mention is this, the difference between semen and breast milk is quite facinating. In essence, breast milk is semen. See the semen feed the sperm in the male body / reproductive system, whereas in the female body, the protien substance, milk, is used to feed a new born. Also note the following, the difference between the female and male body is merely its reconfiguration in terms of this. Where the male glands produce the protien solution to sustain sperm, the female body does not produce this to sustain its reproductive cells. They are suspended in a fluid that "feeds" the cells not in a similar manner as semen feeds sperm, it is primarily fed in the same manner as white blood cells in the body are, this fluid is a hormone. Now, bear this in mind, the male body's glands are situated in the testical, while the female glands are situated in the breasts. This is the manner in which the two different brains are hotwired to be "different", but in actual fact are still the same. Think of a diesel and petrol engine, both are the same, but simultaneously different. Now in this manner, we now have established the fact that the brains are the same, and because they are merely hot wired, breast milk is essentially semen, not literally of course, but essentially the brain was merely altered to deliver the protien suspension to the other half of the biological process that could not sustain it. This is why babies need to drink milk, well actually, this is sounding very strange, but we can safely say "semen". People may disagree, but it is fact that semen and breast milk are identical, for the biological continuum of the human could do no other process than merely hot wire the protien glands and reconfigure the functionality and recontruction thereof, thus since testes and breasts are both containing glands and when we analyse the functionality of semen and breast milk, we find that they are similar and not different, this means that there purpose are neither different, nor their functionality. In short, women produce semen as milk for new born and men produce milk as semen for sperm, the logic is simple and the biology as well, well to a doctor at least.

  10. Pertaining to Vegan breastfeeding, as long as the mother is pure Vegan, the child should receive pure milk, this is not a breach of Veganism as I had already inferentially explained why in my comment above. Also, with the mother being pure Vegan, it means the baby will receive pure DNA and hormone treatment during breastfeeding, simply because the protein structure of the breast milk is not laced with animal DNA and hormones, which would have been assimilated into human DNA and protein structure by the brain and the entire body. This means that the baby will receive the proper DNA construction treatment that breast milk is supposed to deliver. In essence, breast milk is the ultimate in human existence, the actual semen treatment of living beings. Hence, believe it or not, medically everyone on earth had in the entire human existence swallowed semen, not because of sin or some other stupid religious philosophy but because medically, it is was we are supposed to do, whether we like it or not. If people hate this, then they must hate the universe, because we are designed in this way and none other, but biologically there is nothing we can do abou this, if it is designed by the brain, then it is the way we are, no way out of this argument. If people believe in a God and deny this, well, crappy for them, this isn't sin and there is nothing they can do about it. In a manner of speaking and actual fact, they already swallowed semen and that is the funniest thing of biology. In Archaeology, I urge people to read the ancient Egyptian scriptures about their God Re, who as they wrote, swallowed his own semen for life to exist on earth, it isn't very stupid biologically, perhaps they were refering to what I mention in both these comments, they did beat everyone on earth with their math, architecture and astronomy until today, for how do they know what they do and still we are only seeing the drops falling into the bucket, but not the origin of the drop, or whether or not the dripping is deliberate or caused by a leak. Who knows, all I know is that in Anatomy what I say is true and correct.



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  12. The first part of breast milk contains large amounts of immunoglobins that couldn't be transferred to the fetus through the placenta and are necessary to help the defenseless newborn. This fact has not been mentioned and our esteemed "doctor" posting is totally lacking in this principle fact