17 September, 2007

Would you eat meat if ...you were stranded on a desert island ....?

(or any other highly implausible hypothetical scenario...?)

I hear this one all the time and it is so fucking annoying!

My latest answer to this is "No, I'll just wait for the Dharma Initiative to drop off the peanut butter!" (Lost fans will get it. If you don't watch Lost, then please do, it's really rather good.)

Seriously though (if you're going to keep on at me, or add new conditions to the hypothetical) it's not very likely to happen is it? And if it does, and I have to choose between eating the McDonalds or starving to death (wait... why is there a McDonalds on the island...?)* then, I might just think about it...

But!! Did anyone else die in the plane crash? Are there any human bodies? Hey, I could try cannibalism, like those guys whose true story was made into that film, Alive! Might just do that then have the animal meat for dessert! I've heard it's rather nice, tastes a bit like chicken. (This is always a good one to fire back at any irritating omnivore.)

But just as I'm not about to go cannibal in everyday life, I'm not about to give up my veganism either just because of the very unlikely chance that one day I might be stuck in a situation where I'm left with little choice for survival.... so please stop asking me stupid questions, kthxbye.

*someone actually said this to me


  1. I get this ALL THE TIME, too. It's so annoying!!! I'm going to retort with the cannibalism thing, that's good, I like it. =)

  2. Yup - this I hear all too often! But my response might be controversial in the vegan world, as personally, I would say yes - of course I would. If there was no alternative, it would be stupid to starve yourself in the name of ethics. I'm pretty sure the scenario would never crop up though, as there's always going to be something that we could eat on this hypothetical island that is at the bottom of the food chain.

  3. I agree with Russ that, in the name of survival, it would be acceptable. Self-preservation is the first law of nature.

    However, I think that I personally would attempt to eat veggies or seaweed (I'm imagining a tropical island with coconut trees or something...) or maybe scavenge meat. I can't see myself as a good hunter lol but if I had to in order to survive I suppose I'd have no choice.

    BTW, I thought humans tasted like pork? :-)

  4. Raiders_lbacker16/11/11 7:56 AM

    harsh language