16 September, 2007

So here it is!

I remember going vegan, and being astounded by the sheer volume of information and resources that I had available to me. Unfortunately, the resources that my friends would direct me toward were either by someone else, or so long and bulky that my head started spinning after reading a paragraph or so. I started this project in the hopes that if a group of vegans get together, our complaining can be channeled into something useful.

Enter VeganFAQs. The reasoning behind this project is simple: I want to see how my fellow vegans navigate the world of omnivore questions. Everything from the serious, "What do you eat" to the silly "What if it just has a little bit of cheese in it?" The responses can be serious, funny, introspective, or anything else the author desires to include. The important thing is that we all get a chance to share how we'd answer a question. We hope you enjoy our little slice of the web.
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