01 September, 2007

Writing Prompts

This is a place to keep all of our ideas for new posts. If we're ever feeling writer's block, all we have to do is read the comments on here, and we'll get the brain juices flowing. :)


  1. I'm a fourteen-year-old vegan, have been for five months, and have some questions.

    Please don't write me off as not knowing what I'm doing, not being serious about being vegan.

    What do you guys think of horseback riding? Isn't that using animals without their consent?

    And also, what about dog shows? Horse shows? Is that considered exploiting animals?

    I feel that animals in captivity (not zoos, but animals such as orphans rescued from certain deaths) is acceptable - but what do you think?

    Keep doing what you're doing. You're awesome!


  2. Vegan cats & dogs?

  3. A post/some encouragement re: dealing w/non-vegans in the workplace would surely be appreciated, & not just by me. :)

  4. What's wrong with the Humane Society? I know Bob and Jenna (of Vegan Freak Radio, where I heard about this site) don't like it, which is pretty much good enough for me, but I ought to be able to articulate my reasoning rather than taking a stance of blind faith just because it was professed by two people I respect! Also, I've got my complaints with PETA down, but are there any other animal organizations (e.g., the SPCA) that many view favorably, but about which an informed vegan might feel otherwise?