22 November, 2007

How Do You Handle Sudden/ Unexpected Cravings?

hey inquisitive people! the Plant_Murderer has returned with some advice.


we all get them at least once and there are a myriad of wonderful substitutes for the lucky fellow who, because they are the personification of a walgreens commercial, happens to be fully stocked with the right one at the right time.......

but life doesnt always indulge the prepared. to put it simply *stuff* happens, and sometimes you find your self staring down an omni food that you want more in that moment than you have ever wanted anything in your life. thus, we have this article: How Do I Survive When its here and I'm here And I Feel Like I'll Die If I dont Get It or Immediate and Strong cravings sans substitutes.

The 4 step plan

#1 : Get the _ _ _ _ Away from it - if all you can smell or see is the thing you crave saying no will drive you crazy, get out of the immediate area surrounding your craving. if step 1 isn't followed step 2 will kill you or at least harm your self control
# 2 : Get Calm- calm your self and relax while taking a moment to think about the source of your burning desire for _______ and what the consequences are if you give in, and how that action would affect your sense of self worth.

# 3: Get Active- dont sit around thinking about wanting it, write, draw, plan to get a hold on that substitute
# 4: Get gone - leave the place where the craving had you in its grips and get some fresh air ( if possible do this when the craving hits the other steps assume that you are stuck in the place with the craved object or food item.

there is no real way to satisfy a craving in the moment sometimes but that plan may just help until you can get out and get satisfied. i tried the plan last week during an impromptu in class pizza party and it worked for me so... here's hoping you never need use these skills but if you wind up doing so, then good luck, they should work :)

Yours if you comment,


  1. "Why am I craving this food?" do I want salt, carbs, the texture, the memory attached to it? etc..
    then find the vegan alternative.

  2. Great advice--for most situations! But I'm often caught drooling when I'm at (not so vegan-friendly) restaurants. Appetizers and main courses aren't that bad because I've never not been able to find something and, even if the person next to me is enjoying a meal I previously loved, I have my own food to stuff in my mouth. However, when it's time for dessert, I'm tortured watching everyone else indulge! I have a major sweet tooth, and often there is nothing I can eat. What can I do then, when leaving is not an option?

  3. Jennfast: There's a few options.

    1. Bring your own! There's nothing wrong with packing your favourite vegan on-the-go bar that tastes sweet. It'll help round out your meal. Or, if that's not enough to curb your cravings, why not get yourself some cookies in your purse?

    2. Fruit. Pretty much any restaurant will give you some sort of cut up fruit at the end of your meal. It's not the bestest best, but it'll curb your sweet tooth.

    3. Chocolate. Carry your favourite Valrhona, 70% cocoa solids chocolate with you. You won't regret it.

    4. Soy creamer, and cocoa powder in your purse. Ask for hot water, and you're set. :)

    5. Dried fruit. Nothing wrong with having dried cranberries, raspberries, blueberries, or what have you at all times in your car or bag.

    Point being, if you don't want to "settle" (although I don't consider it settling) for fruit, you're gonna have to pack some heat.