23 November, 2007

Are you one of those vegans who wants the world to go vegan?

Ofcourse I am!
What kind of vegan wouldn't dream of a world without animal abuse, but with everyone's belly being full, with acres of lush woods in the Amazone, with healthy, beautiful people and no more bloodshed?
When I tell people of my veganism, some of them look like they want to run away on the spot, scared of another lecture on how vegans are better. I respect that you don't want to hear about chicks being de-beaked, male chicks being shredded (!!!), cows being raped, ...
So I try not to make it so obvious when I slap it in your face!
Because, hell yeah, you're gonna hear about it.

Next time you're eating scramble, I'll whisper that there are 5 chickens in one cage the size of a letter...
Next time you show me your nice nex leather boots, I'll tell you about Indian cows being dragged across the border to die.
Next time you eat a juicy steak, you'll hear about what it feels like to get a heart attack. In detail.

I'm sorry. I can't help it.
It's because I love you and want you to a healthy and good person, not because I have it in for you!


  1. I whole-heartedly agree!!!!!!!!!!
    I´m realistic enough to know the world will never be vegan, and I´m not even depressed about it, but I will not hold back the truth.....I´ve been ridiculed enough and taken it in stride, with good humour....I´m telling everybody that they support murder!!!:-)

  2. I recently found this blog by searching Wordpress tags and I really enjoy all the different perspectives. Yes, I want the entire world to be vegan and I'm idealistic enough to believe it could happen. Probably not while I'm still breathing ...


  3. it seems like it's enough that people know I'm vegan, to make them start thinking about stuff like that when they eat.