13 October, 2007

Isn't it expensive to be a Vegan?

There is no one answer fits all for this question as it obviously depends on your personal choice and what you're eating.
For me it's not at all expensive. I'm a 18 year old University student living in the UK so I don't have much money to spend at all on food. I eat a lot of beans,pulses,pasta,cans of tomatoes, tofu, peanut butter.....basically all the cheap staple foods that won't go out of date for 3 years and that cost very little. I do eat fresh fruit and veggies but because i'm saving money by not buying meat this means that I have a little extra to put towards fresh foods. I occasionally treat myself to fake meats (sorry Dino!) as I did love meat (can't remember why now) but as with all processed food I know it's better for my health and my wallet to give it a miss.

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  1. hiya... just discovered this great project last week and heard Dino saying on VF radio you're still looking for people to contribute. I'd love to help this site grow!
    My email is pavotrouge@arcor.de