14 October, 2007

Do I miss omni foods?

Hey Everyone,
This is plant murderer and to answer this question in a way that makes sense is relatively tricky. So before I actually answer let's line up some facts, cool? great.

Fact # 1 : I haven't eaten an omni food (on purpose or to my knowlege) since my last bar of milk chocolate, half a year ago.

Fact # 2 : I have no idea what alot of my used-to-be favorite foods taste like outside of remembered preferences and intellectual knowlege ( like, i know that melted cheese on anything tasted nice or that vanilla milkshakes were sweet, or that baked anything beat fried foods by a long shot.)

Fact # 3: I may not know how they taste but I know what my faves were, and am sometimes still a bit sad about never ever eating them again ( it's not my fault, blame the food, it's addictive and sometimes withdrawl pains are crippling)

Fact # 4: The "I want it" mental signal in my head is way faster than the "Is it right?" signal.

So at long last I have to say that yes, for brief moments when my mother brings out the mac and cheese, I miss eating it, what can I say? It's an emotional response brought on by happy memories of stuffing my face while family drama sowed the seeds for the next year's insanity.
Maybe someday I won't miss it, maybe missing old favorites is a newbie thing and I'll get over it but, missing milk chocolate and mac and cheese doesnt make me a bad person or even harm my crediblity as an amature activist. Missing things you loved before you knew better is normal.

yours indefinitely,


  1. Since becoming vegan almost a year ago (woo!) and living with an omni, i find the foods i used to eat on my dinner table rather often.

    I never FORCE my ideals on my boyfriend, but strive to be a wealth of infomation to him and a voice to ask him to think before he buys ground beef.

    That aside, i have tried a bite or two of foods i used to like (mac and cheese, cream corn chowder, and even a very tiny pice of hamburger) and am always disappointed.

    I realize now that i love the MEMORY of the foods i used to eat, and tasting them again after being vegan is a big letdown, so i stopped sampling omni food all together.

    Once i came to that realization, i was able to let those foods i loved and craved go as beautiful memories. They will never taste the same, and even veganizing them will never taste the same, but it's OKAY.

    The key is not to try and find "substitues" for things you used to love, move on, and find new loves. It takes time, experimentation, and a willingness to move forward... when you're there, you will be so happy!

  2. This is so relieving. I went vegan in May and I've had plenty of cravings since then. I'm so glad it's not just me; I thought I might be a "bad vegan." Non-vegan food is delicious, it's true, but I think that I would never be able to get it past my lips.

  3. Can't say I have had any special cravings at all. Maybe because of my slow route, dropped all animal meat except fish but only had it very seldom (sushi with fish), later dropped fish, didn't eat cheese alot at all and never drank milk, only had it in the morning with my oatmeal, and eggs I seldomly ate. Dropped it all at home some year later, ate out 2 times a month sorf of, then a year after that dropped it completely. Anyways, no cravings. Haven't eaten any of it since except a tiny tiny piece of cheese not even worth it. Now been vegan for say about 3 years. I never have cravings. The only thing I do have thou is sometimes an interest in cooking old foods that I used to eat, just to see, and to show other people that it is possible to veganize almost everything and it tastes good. Usually cook from scratch but use omnisubs for some veganizing. Cheerio!

  4. Yeah, I know what you mean about missing your favorite foods! But whenever I give in, I'm always sorely disappointed. For example, the last time I tried chocolate milk (several months ago), I couldn't believe I used to live for that stuff! It tasted like snot! So, I stopped eating that omni crap all together.

    We like what we're used to. Once we realize that, we can easily forget the meat and cheese. Besides, why lust over that sickening "food" when we have access to delicious vegan stuff?