19 September, 2007

How about fish/chicken/eggs?

My favourite response to this one is from my friend Dana: "Find me the seeds to grow them, then get back to me."

Back when I did consume dairy/eggs (which really isn't much of a moral stance; you're still exploiting animals if you're using the products of their bodies), I'd get this question constantly. Nowadays, there are people who understand lactose intolerance, so they never question that. They also seem to understand that many Hindus do not partake of eggs. Again, not a huge leap. But after all those options are done, the "other" stuff starts.

Let me set the record straight: Just because they don't show pain like you do does not mean they are incapable of pain. Just because they cannot speak in your language to tell you to leave them alone does not give you a right to use them for your desires. They're still sentient beings, and I'd rather leave them alone, thanks.
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