16 September, 2007

Don't you miss being able to eat meat/cheese/etc?

"Since you sometimes eat seitan, TVP, tofu, and other things commonly used as a substitute for meat, and you seem to like nutritional yeast and vegan cheeses, doesn't that mean you miss the real stuff?"

I was raised on the Standard American Diet. I've eaten more dead animals than I care to admit. But having not had any meat in nearly 5 years, and other animal products in well over 2 years, the sight and smell of the "real stuff" makes me both very sad and physically ill. The one time I was accidentally given something with real cheese in it, the cheese tasted like rubber, and the moment I realized what it was, I didn't want to eat it.

In short, no, I do not miss meat, eggs or dairy. And the fake meats and cheeses are things I can - and frequently do - abstain from. Most of the stuff is overprocessed chemical Frankenfood, and some of it is so creepily close to the original it disturbs me.

Furthermore, I'm not depriving myself. My diet has been much more varied since going vegan, and I no longer eat compulsively. I'm free to eat whatever I want. I simply don't want to eat the products of torture.
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