26 September, 2007

Does eating omni-subs mean you crave animal products?

I don't crave animal products at all, like I mentioned in my last entry.

While every vegan is individual, I myself enjoy eating some omni-sub products, for example, tofu cooked or prepared in a similar way to omni food(like tofurkey or tofu ricotta, or in a quiche or frittata, or many more ways) but I'm just as happy to eat simple veggies, grains and legumes.

I'd say my enjoyment of a certain food was more about the sauce or seasoning than the animal product itself... in fact I rather wish at times that they'd rename fake meat "bean curd marinated in cajun spices" or whatever!

Fake "cheese" tastes quite unlike real cheese, and I reckon anyone could easily tell the difference, but I enjoy it just for itself.

While I say I enjoy omni subs, there is a limit to that- it's only if I prepare them myself or eat them in a vegan restaurant or vegan friends' house that I feel comfortable eating them- there have been moments in omni restaurants where I feel uncomfortable eating anything that resembles meat, like a tvp burger, just in case they've made a mistake and muddled my order up or something! It's been so long I'm not sure I could tell whether it was a really good fake or a dead thing! If I'm eating in an omni restaurant and there's a choice between an omni sub and a vegetable dish, I'll take the vegetable dish every time!


  1. lucky you!
    I'm vegan, I don't miss meat at all but i often crave for cheese!!! :( I'll never go back though of course!

  2. Hi Dino,
    I'm 18 years old, a vegan and an expat. Heard you on VF and would love to be an author. Prehaps I can help with those not living in the USA and also for younger vegans.


  3. i'm 17 vegan and want to be an author, i'm a bit of a newbie approaching my fifth month since "awakening" but i might be able to help out somehow. poet.writer@yahoo.com

    ps. omni subs tend to gross me out if i think their to close to the real thing but i can stand the occasional not-trying-to-play-murder-victem type veggie burger. eating omni subs is normal and irreprehensable ( i spelled that wrong) and doesnt mean anything accept that you like the taste and texture of creulty free alternatives.

  4. I've had omnis ask me about this in the past, too. They didn't accuse me of craving animal products, but a friend did tell me he thinks it's stupid that vegans or vegetarians would want to eat something that resembles meat. On one hand, I can see his point, but on the other hand, there are a lot of good reasons for it (many of which you mentioned in your post!). For me, two big reasons are, when you're going vegan, you can't just learn non-omni sub recipes to replace all of your non-vegan meals overnight. These things take time! I definitely ate more omni subs as a new vegan than I do now. And second, omni subs enable vegans to participate in food gatherings and basically eat the same dish that everyone else is eating (except not filled with death!). Especially at first, it helps you to not feel like such an outsider.

    Great post!