26 September, 2007

Do you ever crave anything non-vegan?

In a word, no. Certainly not anymore.

I have been vegetarian since 1993 and vegan since 2005, and kind of forget exactly how non-vegan food tastes now.

Even before I kicked meat, I felt slightly grossed out by the fact it was a dead animal. I no longer see meat as food, but as a corpse, and that's just not very appetising!

As for eggs and dairy, there have been moments in the beginning where I've missed a certain thing, but I found them extremely easy to overcome simply by telling myself why I was doing this- remembering images I'd seen on AR websites, baby boy chickens being ground alive, things I'd read, the heartbreaking sound of a dairy cow crying out after her calf being took away for her... no way did I want to be a part of that cruelty and the urge to eat whatever it was soon subsided.

Nowadays, I don't miss anything non-vegan at all.(If anyone is struggling with cravings then I'd advise them to watch some AR footage, read some leaflets- even carry a leaflet in your pocket or bag to look at!)


  1. good talk on cravings.
    After waking up and going vegan, any initial cravings I had went away pretty quickly. But, if u still are having a craving or two, I'd highly suggest going out and trying new foods, new flavors, and just adding diversity. Your body might be breaking a mild addiction, or maybe you're slightly lacking a nurient. Either way, I would agree to continue to view all that animal stuff as non-food items; but also diversify your diet a bit more, explore those new horizons, and expose your body to the wonders of the plant world.

  2. No cravings here. I'm highly lactose-intolerant so the transition from ovo-lacto veg to vegan some five years ago wasn't difficult. It seems what most people crave are dairy products so I'm lucky because that's not appealing in the least! As for carcass - no way. I've been done with all forms of carcass for many years and I can't look at it without seeing the suffering animal.


  3. To leave the cheese craving behind it's like... Just remember: Cow body fluids = gross.