22 September, 2007

So you support PETA, right?

It seems that every single time I tell someone that I'm vegan, their second question (the first varies from "what do you eat" to "what the fuck is vay-jun?") is always "So you like PETA? Ugh, I HATE PETA!"

PETA- People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.
(nope, it's not called People Eating Tasty Animals or People Enjoying Torturing Animals.)

I am not going to go into the debate whether PETA is good or bad. No no, because opinions vary widely among the Vegan social.
I will say I am horribly offended at this assumption that, since I'm Vegan, I AUTOMATICALLY support their projects, causes, naked women, advertisements etc. Wouldn't you be offended if someone made a wide generalization about your lifestyle, religion, sexuality, race, appearance?

Okay, so saying I support PETA isn't the worst insult I've ever heard, but it still irks the hell out of me and I think it needs to be addressed.
Other annoying generalizations:
All vegans are pale, sickly thin people.
Vegans eat salad... a lot.
Vegans are hippies! Yeah dude!

Okay, what's the lesson we learned?
Let's say it out loud!
Assume makes an ASS out of U and ME!
(but more U)

Now, if I misunderstood the people asking me that question ("So you like PETA huh?") and they really meant "pita", as in that tasty puffy bread that goes well with hummus, then I apologize... and yes, I DO support pita!