21 September, 2007

But don't you miss dairy/eggs?

I confess. I am a recovering cheese-aholic. I am not even joking. I also am a recovering egg-aholic.

As aforementioned, I live in the land of cheese. With out giving too much away, I live in a city where people wear blocks of cheese on their head (granted, its foam rubber, but still). I was a vegetarian for a while before becoming vegan and I ate cheese at least three times a day. I wish I was exaggerating. My addiction was so bad that when people I knew as a vegetarian find out I am vegan they will often comment on my past addiction. "You loved cheese!"

I gave cheese up, cold tofurky. And eggs, I used to eat omelette's all the time. I wouldn't say that I crave cheese. This to me means that I am sitting around dreaming about it and thinking of ways to get it. I have in the past smelled cheese and it smelled good to me. I do realize that sense of smell is more of a reflex than an actual craving.

For instance, if I go out to the bar with a bunch of friends and some one orders a cheese pizza, for one instant, it smells good. In this example, it has more to do with association than anything else. Beer + Pizza = WI Good Time.

I am getting over it. If you look at what cheese and eggs really are, it's gross. Especially eggs. I can't believe I used to eat that. Both cheese and eggs are just plain bad for you (as is meat, but I assume you know that if you are reading this). High in both fat and cholesterol, there is really no need for either.

You may note that there are a lot of "fake cheezes" out there available to vegans and non vegans alike. I have yet to try one. I have only been a vegan for 8 months and I think it is too soon. I don't think it will taste like I expected to and I would rather save the money and spare the disappointment.

To answer the original question: But don't you miss dairy/eggs? No, I don't miss them. For the most part, milk, cheese, and eggs don't even look good to me any more. I understand that much of my connection with these products is tied up in experiences and not the actual food. I have found ways around it. If I am craving something greasy while out with friends, I get fries. In a mexican resataraunt, I get chips and gaucamole (making sure there is no sour cream in there). I make it work. I have new favorites.

I feel a little like a skipping record (if any of you kids don't know what that is, ask your parents). But I will say it again: I will not promote the suffering of animals simply for my taste buds.


  1. It seems that a lot of vegans are recovering cheese-aholics. I think my journey on going vegan must have been a little different than a lot of people's. I grew up in Minnesota, and since a lot of cheese-eating goes on there as well, I ate a LOT of cheese during my 4 years as a vegetarian. Every time a social food gathering was going on, my only option was to order something doused in cheese. By the time I was transitioning to veganism, the sight of a cheese pizza made me want to puke. Because let's face it...cheese is really heavy, greasy, nasty stuff. In my opinion, anyway. ;-)

    After about two years as a vegan, I bought my first soy cheese a few weeks ago and put it in a lasagna. Vegan Gourmet mozzarella-style is really tasty! I'm pretty sure I would have liked it even back in my omni days. I could be wrong, but I think that the type of "fake cheese" that puts new vegans off their appetites is the stuff made out of nutritional yeast (like Road's End Organics Chreese or Annie's vegan mac and cheese). A good soy cheese is a different story though.

    Wishing you luck getting on getting comfortable in the world of vegan cheeze!

  2. Milk and milk products really disgust me now. I mean, think about what they ARE! The bodily secretions of a cow, meant for a calf to make it huge; greasy, sticky; sinus-clogging; puss- blood- and hormone-filled crap.

    @ Heather

    Vegan Gourmet mozzarella style is delicious! Rice-based cheese isn't as good. As for nutritional yeast cheese...the only stuff I've tried is the stuff I made myself. I thought it was great! I used coconut milk and it turned out smooth and creamy.

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