18 December, 2008

Would you make an exception because I cooked it just for you?

I'm a cook, and for me, food means more than just nourishment (although that is an important factor!), so I sincerely understand where this sentiment comes from. When I cook for someone, however, I always take into account their needs. My dear friends Blue (name changed) and Lilly both despise tomato. This means that when they come over to eat with me (or we eat out together), I ensure that there's no tomato to be had in their food. I have other friends who are watching their weight. When cooking for them, I either omit the fat, or severely restrict it, so that they can enjoy themselves too.

These two scenarios are based mainly on likes and dislikes, and things where the only person whose life is affected is the person making that decision. It means that if you truly did care about me, you'd ask me what my likes and dislikes and needs are. It's not about you (when you're cooking something for someone else), it's about the person who's going to be eating it. Just as I wouldn't serve peanut butter sandwiches to someone with a gluten and nut allergy, I'd ask that you don't serve animal products to a vegan.

Unfortunately, the animals that you killed to make me that "special something" didn't have a choice in the matter. That's the worst part of it all.


  1. yep, this guilt-technique is exasperating.
    i also once got a prhase like: "come on these cookies i made are sooo good, can't you just put your ethical thing aside for a moment and try them? there's really not a lot of butter in them!"

  2. That's whats up man. I agree.

    ppl just don't get us.

    Those times are when PATIENCE is the most important factor. Otherwise, I'd want to chop someone's head off for being so close-minded. Thankfully, I'm just to ethical to do such a thing...(lol)

    No, seriously. Never for get to be the *ideal* VEGAN. That's the best way to get more ppl to go vegan.

  3. I'm only 12, and YOU HAVE NO FREAKING IDEA HOW ANNOYING THIS GETS. I mean, seriously! I'm almost 13! I can take care of my own snacking needs, thankyouverymuch.

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