15 December, 2007

Why Are Omnis So Frustrating? or Why are vegans so angry?

hey all,

this is p_m back after a long war with my ineffective computer to talk about why vegans are so angry. to start off let me tell you about a couple of my very omniverous classmates.
The two of them are the most considerate omnivores one might ever hope to meet. they apologies when they mention meat around me, ask me frequently if it will bother me if they should happen to show a picture of someone eating meat or eggs or dairy in a class project, and one even makes a point of saying that she "would" go vegan if not for x then apologizing for both consuming said non-vegan x and for mentioning the vile thing in my presence.

the two of them annoy the crap out of me. they do their best to avoid offending and in the process tend to make me feel as if my very presence is making them feel like murderers(which it should and if it lead to them going vegan i'd cope but anyway). while they over compensate and i reluctantley console them i'm left with two more people that are nice and intelligent that i cant stand to be around.

dont get me wrong people being too considerate isn't the only anger causing obstacle vegans have to face.


that is fucked up. really fucked up. and they ( if your vegan) or you ( if your not) seem to get it even though its in their/ your faces at nearly every moment of life.

it's like being the first one of your friends to stop believing in santa claus. it's so obvious you want to shake them all, hell sometimes you want to straight up slap the sight from their eyes and the sense into their heads. it's a pain, literally.

vegans are "so angry", because omnivores are so oblivious.

finally let me tell you about my family. at thanks giving my uncle greeted me with "your looking vegan today" and the food that my mother and i made enough of for everyone, which took hours of time and effort and planning, was set in a dark corner next to the bones of some poor turkey and proptly labled "vay-gun" food and therefore distasteful.

ask me again why vegans are so angry...i dare you.

yours till the grand return to Vega ( which i know is not a planet for who ever didnt get the joke),

ps. go vegan, the hardest parts have little to do with the lifestyle and much more to do with omnis.


  1. hello, i emailed you but got an error. anyway here's the reg cleaner i uses, this shit is good, don't stay without protection!

  2. I like your last sentence!!! I'm a vegetarian but I want to go vegan er tommorow? But I'm really dreading the comments and discussions with everyone... I had them every single time with my father when I decided not to eat x anymore...
    Well, you summed this up :)

  3. haha...that last paragraph made me laugh. Vay-gun. Its true people are oblivious to what they put in their bodies. Many just don't think about what happens to these animales. I took a 30 day pledge to be vegetarian. So far so good! Who knows? maybe I'll go vegan in the future!?

  4. your too sensitive.