01 October, 2007

How Do I Stay Motivated?

Hi, I'm Plant_murderer, a seventeen year old newbie (6 months and counting) and trust me when I say that I know a thing or eighty about people who straight up couldn't care less about factory farming, animals, veganism, or anything else more important than the next episode of your average "reality" t.v show. When surrounded by these people, it is almost a given that the all-consuming homesickness for our home planet, ( Vega), can leave a person ready and almost willing to return to old ways (omnivore-ism or vegetarianism). In this post I will attempt to show some of the miriad of ways that i've found to talk myself out of turning back on the road that is veganism ( and by extention turning traitor on the the animals and the defendors of their rights).

1. Remind yourself why!!! Those who forget are doomed to...get all meek and lame and "cheat". look at slaughter house videos, read some animal rights novels, whatever you do, if you catch yourself forgeting why, a good reminder is always a good motivator.
2. Get active or take a break!!!! if your not active and need motivation, get out and do something, you've made it, you're "tampering in dark-sided stuff" (its an inside joke if you didnt catch the reference) going out and spreading the information can make you feel alive and useful. if you've been burning at both ends of the soy candle and are tired, take a break and then show 'em how its done once the spring hits your step again.
3. Find and maintain a support network!! make friends with other vegans and meet online or in person to hang out and complain about omnis, veggies and ex veg*ns. It'll give you a chance to vent and a place you can go to ask things like "is ____ vegan?" and a couple of new friends, too.
4. REWARD YOURSELF!!!! every year take at least one day to celebrate the beauty and wonder that is veganism. why? ...do you neen a reason to celebrate?!? in case you didnt know VEGANISM RULES!!!! and celebrating anually will give you a reason to stay vegan ( if you convert back, you dont get to party)

It is not within our powers to make other people care, but no one can stop you from being the one person who always will. Make veganism a part of who you are and not something that you do, and the motivation is never further away than your next breath or thought.

thats my advice,


  1. Not to be an ass, but Vega is a star. The Earth, in Latin, is Terra.

  2. I would like to add a little 5th point here: listen to Vegan Freak Radio podcasts! They are really motivating and make you remember that you are not alone. That there are others out there, dreaming of the planet (yes, planet!) Vega.. ;)