22 October, 2007

Does vegan pie exist?

For some reason, people believe that there's no such thing as vegan pies, cakes, muffins etc. They still worship the holy egg. They think that the whole dessert is made or broken by that one little bomb of cholesterol.
I have been baking and eating vegan desserts for years now and not only are they more healthy and cruelty free, they taste better too.
Pancakes can be made by just pouring some 'milk' into some flour. If you want sweet pancakes, you just add some raw sugar. It's as simple as that.
And pie crust can be made with some oil, flour and some sugar.

However, some recipes really do need something extra, but that still doesn't mean you have to go steal a hen's baby from under her butt.
There are great vegan powder egg replacers on the market, so that's a start.
Or you can mash up a banana or some apples for that sticky effect.

So remember, if you go vegan, you can still have your cake... and eat it too.


  1. don't forget the glory of groudn flaxseed as an egg replacer too!

  2. Without pie, I would probably have to kill myself. Everybody likes pie.